donate to the vernon alston jr memorial scholarship fund
Picture of Vernon Alston Jr.


This fund was created in memory of Vernon Alston, Jr. Vernon was genuine and a kind-hearted person, always willing to give and serve others. His passion was to help people live an abundant life. Vernon touched the hearts of those near and far. While his sudden passing grieved the hearts and minds of many around the nation, there remains victory in his legacy. The Alston family encourages you to give to a cause that celebrates his life and his character. The establishment of this fund is to raise donations to support eager students in pursuit of higher education in the areas of law enforcement, political science, administrative law/justice and/or students who are dependents of deceased police officers.


Vernon was a 20 year veteran with the United States Capitol Police and received a congressional award as a federal police officer. He was proud to serve this country in this capacity and as a member of the Armed Forces with the Army Reserves and the Army National Guard Military Police.  Vernon was a high achiever and captivated the attention of many, including family and friends with his positive outlook on life, jovial personality, and counsel. He was a visionary and one who lived his life on purpose with relentless pursuit. He wanted the best and believed that others could also possess greatness with the right mindset and tenacity. Your donation will aid in Vernon’s “push” for betterment, specifically in our young people desiring secondary education.    

“Today’s future. Tomorrow’s Legacy.”